Record Edit Mix (Radio) $100/hour

Dub Transfer (1/4, DAT Cass, CD $50/hour)

Tape Stock: Recordable CD =

DAT = $20, Casse = $10
Minimum Booking for any studio session is 1 hour.
Overtime rates apply only on sessions starting up

after 6 PM Weekdays and Saturdays
after 11 PM, Sundays are double time and a half.



Aleximusic Productions uses: Mac Pro 12 core Computers, Mackie Onyx 1620,

Pro Tools HD 11 & 10, UAD Powered Plug-ins, Tascam
Time compression, Noise Reduccion-Lexicon PCM 90's,
Sterling ST69 Tube Mic-Audio Technica 4050 Mic, Rode NT4 Stereo Mic, Shure and AKG’s -dbx dynamics Processors (DDP-1066-166XL),
Antares plug ins.

T.C. Electronic M-One-Korg, Roland XV 5080,Roland TD 8, Triton Extreme, Native Instruments Komplete 8, East West (Orquestra Platinum, Goliath, Stormdrum 2, Symphonic Choirs, Voices of passion). BFD Drums, Ivory pianos, KRK Speakers.
MASTERING: UAD: Limiter, Equilizer, Fairchild, 1176, Precision Multiband. Peak, T.C. Ozone RX, Waves bundle 7.0, Ozone 5.

Music composition
(Score, Commercial jingle, SFX amd Music Libraries ).
We have the experience and the access to a large
database of original music.