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Composed music for:

Rail Safety Campaign MTA NY 06/11/15 Pulsar Advertising

Agamenmon Films 05/18/15- Cape Horn (Documentary)

I-66 ATM-A Highway Symphony Pulsar Advertising-Aired 11/914

NIKITA episode#304 Consequences-Aired 11/9/13 CW

Song (GUNTALK) For film BENDING THE RULES 04/09/13

Agamenmon Films 09/18/11-12- In Search of Michael Rockeffeler

Paramount Parkway 11/03/10- Korea

Prison Brake Fox 02/11/08- Hell or High water

Wildfire ABC 03/05/07- Who are you

Charmed WB 01/01/06- Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Charmed WB 02/01/06 -12 Angry Zen

Charmed WB 10/09/05

26 Documentaries for Channel 22 Mexico 03/15/05

Charmed WB 10/20/04

One life to live ABC 08/12/04

Charmed WB March/04

Additional music for NBC series Kingpin Jan/Feb/03
Music for Charmed WB . Jan/03 - March/03– Nov/03

13 ( 26 min.) Documentaries, for the Ministry of
Education in Mexico, “Al Norte De Mexico” with director Juan
Manuel Gonzalez.

2 radio and 1 TV commercials for Bart. In S.F. CA
With actor Danny Glover
All My Children 08/09/02, also 10/05/02.
Music for One live to live 04/15/02

Additional music for the Fidel
film, a Showtime/Hallmark
The Young And The Restless 12/03/01.
Music for All My Children 08/09/01.
TV commercial "Clorox" produced by Milagro films.
Composed and produced with producer Stephen Scott the CD

Jon Alexi “ Dancing In My Mind.”
1998 & 1999-
13 ( 26 min.) Documentaries, for the Ministry of
Education in Mexico, “Al Norte De Mexico” with producer Juan
Manuel Gonzalez.

5 TV Episodes for ECO “ Televisa ” , Mexico’s
Major Network, produced by Arian Pellicer and Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Composed music for Metrolink radio and television commercials.

1996 -
Wrote the Temp track for actor/director Danny Houston, for the movie
The Maddening, starring Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickinson.
1995 -
“ Bilbatua Productions " musical score for two documentaries for;

1994 -
TV program, “ Los Hijos De La Luna.” Directed by
Jose Ludlow.

1993 -
T.V program in memory of famous Mexican
Actor Mario Moreno Cantinflas, produced by Publi-Hispana.
The film “ La prueba Final ”, directed by Gabriela Retes
1990 -
Recorded and produced with his group Cinema One, The music for the
Extensive documentary series, with the real pilots, the real story,

“ Chopper Wars.” produced by Gary Gray and Kevin Beechum.
1989 -
Composed and produced with songwriter Brett Duncan, the album
"Cinema One “ Underground.” recorded at Cherokee Studios in LA.
1988 -
The film “ Aura ” Directed by Jose Ludlow for the
American Film Institute.


Studied classical piano with instructor Alberto Santinelli. In 1978, entered the “School of Music in The Musicicans Union in Mexico city” and graduated in
1980 with a degree in : Orchestration, classical harmony, modern harmony,
arranging, and classical piano.
From 1981 to 1983 studied piano in the US with renowned Brazilian pianist,

Manfredo Fest.

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